Friday, July 27, 2007

Takara Midnight Eagle

Here is a new picture of this series. The B-5 Midnight Eagle used in the movie is just a B-2 Bomber and should not be 1/144.

Release date : Mid-November

Furuta Combat Vehicle

The above gashapon tanks from Furuta will be released in Japan on Sept 17. But it seems these are non-scale items which you may get a Japan Hummvee which is the same size as the M1.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Takara 1/144 "Midnight Eagle" Trading Kits

Takara has just announced in this November, they are going to issued a new 1/144 trading kit set partnering with the movie "Midnight Eagle" - which is a stealth bomber coded B-5. Here are details:

Scale :1/144 (B-5 excluded.) All 10 different kits (9 + 1 hidden item)
1. F-15J (Komatsu base 8957)
2. F-15J (Komatsu base 8953)
3. F-15DJ (Komatsu base)
4. B-5 midnight eagle (the low profile painting)
5. B-5 midnight eagle (the WEZARINGU painting)
6. JGSDF UH-1+ Type 73 heavy truck (new)
7. JGSDF UH-1+ Type 73 heavy truck (older model)
8. JGSDF UH-1+ Type 73 medium truck and pickup truck
9. A set of 3 JGSDF Type 73 trucks (new)
10. Hidden

Most items have been issued in other releases before, such as the Type 73 trucks in "Japan Sinks", UH-1 and F-15J in other Takara or F-Toys issues. (They may be different than those from F-Toys though).