Saturday, April 29, 2006

Yujin 1/144 Gashapon tanks - Combat Vehicle Diecast

El Basser's blog has some pictures of this set from Yujin. Sadly, the paint job is awful. But the "Bid Birds" look nice although there is a problem some details do not line up.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Dragon Expo DX06 - Dragon Armor Exclusive

Dragon has just released that the Dragon Armor Exclusive in DX06 will be a King Tiger Henschel Turret of Mr. Alfred Kurzmaul, who is a guest of DX'07 next year (it's kind of weird as I think last year the VIP guest was actually there mark his autograph on the exclusive which I think it's pretty cool but how many people will keep the tank for next year's show). Unfortunately, there is no picture yet. Here is the link of Dragon's page.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I was not disappeared and now I'm back from my work. Anyway, I mentioned the other day I saw a picture in Model Graphix showing a Tiger I, a King Tiger as well as a Panther with Zimmerit.

I don't know what it means as I don't quite understand what it said on the magazine but when looked at my small collections, I found actually the WTM07 special, Otto Carius Tiger I, has Zimmerit on it. I think Takara already has some molds with Zimmerit and I bet they will be included in the coming releases very soon. (The pictures shown here are the WTM07 special together with the WTM05 Tiger I.)

There are some news last couple days. If you haven't read them, here they are:

1. The mystery Yujin gashapon tanks. It's for sale in Japan but still no news where to buy them. It's a surprise that it does include some figures. So far, from the pictures, the quality looks good. Since they are die cast tanks, I think someone likes the weight but I don't quite like it as I orginal want to get a Mobelwagen and mod all the side armors opened. Now seems not possible.

2. The Dragon Panzer Korp #9. Dragon has udpated its web and here is the link. I like the Japgpanzer IV L/70 (A) because of the PE schurzen. Let me check if anyone sell them seperately (not a whole set).

Sunday, April 23, 2006

More pictures on Preiser figures

Couple weeks ago, I posted some pictures of some "N" scale figures which I had bought for a while. I put them together with my 1/144 collections the other day trying to find out if they can fit in.

The first picture above is a tourist set with the Dragon Maus set in Museum setting. The second picture on the left is the same set but put together with the Konami JGSDF series. I think they can fit in with the tank and little diorama nicely.

Finally, I put together side by side the workers set from Preiser with the soldier from JGSDF series. Surprisingly, they are about the same size. In conclusion, these Preiser figures can be used together with the 1/144 kit without any noticeable differences.

The last picture also shows you the quality of these Preiser figures. I always made a comment that some 1/144 or N scale figures by other manufacturers are dwarf-like or hobbits such as they all have big head, big hands and big feet. However, as shown by Preiser, a right proportion figure in 1/144 is doable. I'm really looking forward to Preiser's first 1/144 military set.

Click here for more pictures.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Metal Troops Tiger I with Interior Details and some other news

I mentioned the other day in April version of Model Graphix, there is a Tiger I from WTM quoted "C3 Special" and it looked like something will be released in the C3 show. The pictures I show here are not the one. They are from Metal Troops. It's not new but I only bought it recently. You may have seen it before or you may already have one.

Details are reasonably well sculpted and re-produced for a mass produced kit (I know it's hand built resin kit but I think they still qualified as mass production). The problem of this kit I think is the proportion of the kit. I tried to put all pieces back together and I found the kit is too tall. Somehow not in proportion. More pictures can be found here.

What about May version of Model Graphix? It shows a Tiger I, a King Tiger and a Panther with Zimmerit. After seeing these, I won't hold my breath for WTM10. Probably some remake from prior series again with some interior details, zimmerit,...etc. To me, Zimmerit is not something high tech. Dragon has done that in their early series such as King Tiger (Porsche turrent) or JagdTiger so nothing new about it. I'm very disappointed if Takara thought it would get us excited.

One last piece is Dragon has updated the Cando page with the new Jagdpanzer series. Check it out.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

El basser's Dora

If you like big guns, check out this Dora from El basser's web. He has updated with another movie with the Dora running on a N scale setting. Very impressive. I wish I have his creativity and skills. Here is the link.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yujin tanks 8-(

Very frustrated. Still don't know where to order this series. Any idea?

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Hi BD99, I think you like Sci-fi stuffs too so this one is for you. Even if you don't like robots but the choppers, tanks, transporters are all very nice. It's not bad to try something different, isn't it? Click the title for the link.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Japan Sinks! Operation D-2

I made a mistake the other day. The LCAC actually is included in the second set called Operation D-2, the one we talked about the other day was D-1. This set is scheduled to release on 8/14 and the first set is scheduled on 7/24. The interesting thing about this set is most of the items are in 1/144 scale. Sadly the LCAC is 1/700. I want a 1/144.

Updated: 04/15/2006

Here is the line-up
1. 1/144 Deep Sea Research Submarine - Shinkai 2000 (Type A)
2. 1/144 Deep Sea Research Submarine - Shinkai 2000 (Type B)
3. 1/144 JASDF Rescue Helicopter UH-60J
4. 1/144 CH47-J (JASDF)
5. 1/700 LCAC Landing Craft
6. 1/700 Deep Sea Research Vessel Chikyu
7. 1/144 JGSDF Type 73 Truck (old) and Type 73 Jeep (old)
8. 1/144 Type 73 Ambulance
9. 1/144 Crane (???)
10. Secret item

More info of the original ships can be found here.

Metal Troops - Steyr 1500

Steyr 1500 are one of the work horses of German in WWII. As WTM has only produced a handful of softskins (and none from Dragon), this Steyr is very attractive to me. In addition, you get a German soldier with the kit (not very nice but better than nothing.)

The only problem with this kit is the windshield is solid and then painted in silver. I prefer Metal Troops put a cover on it and then turn it down on top of the hood or simply made a hold so we can put a clear plate on it. Anyway, a nice kit. Recommended.

More pictures can be found here in my web.

You probaby know WTM09 is selling in Japan now but my vendor has not notified me yet. Any news from you guys?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

More news on "Japan Sinks"

I was wondering what is a Observation Flying Boat the other day and the answer is the "LCAC Landing Craft". In addition, there is one Amphibious Assault Ship in 1/700. Although I'm not a collector of ships, this one looks interesting.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

F-Toys WWII War Bird Collection & Japan Sinks

Couple items today: First, F-Toys has updated its web with the new WarBird Series, here is the link. Second, I have updated the "Japan Sinks" page with the line-up below. You can also see more pictures and background regarding these deep sea research submarines or investigation ships here.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Japan Sinks! Operation D-1

There is a sci-fi movie in Japan this summer called "Japan Sinks" or "Submersion of Japan". You can find the promo here. TakaraTomy is going to release a TMW series for this movies. Most items we have seen before from F-Toys or Takara itself such as the CH-47, the Super Puma or the deep sea submarines in 1/144. The only items I'm interested in are those 2 Type 73 trucks (one is a Jeep and one is a truck). They are good addition to my JGSDF collections.

Updated: 04/15/2006
Here is the line-up
1. 1/144 Deep Sea Research Submarine - Shinkai 6500 (Type A)
2. 1/144 Deep Sea Research Submarine - Shinkai 6500 (Type B)
3. 1/144 Fire Rescue Helicopter AS-332 Super Puma
4. 1/144 CH47-J (JASDF)
5. 1/700 Obervation Flying Boat (???)
6. 1/700 Ocean Investigation Ship Natsushima and Shinkai 2000
7. 1/144 JGSDF Type 73 Truck and Type 73 SUV
8. 1/144 CH47-J (JGSDF)
9. 1/700 Tugboat Arasakimaru & Sea Surface Diorama
10. Secret item

Easy Model = Trumpeter !

Here is a web site which sells Easy Model 1/72 planes and it said "Easy Models are imported by MRC and manufactured by Wasan (Trumpeter)" so my assumption probably is right. May be Trumpeter has made up its mind that all prebuilt models besides US will be marketing under the brand as "Easy Model". I like the 1/72 line a lot more such as the As-90 which BD99 pointed out and I also like the IS-3 or Pershing. They are good addition to your Dragon Armor Collections.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Dragon Panzer Korps - Jagdpanzer IV/Hetzer

Dragon US has a picture of the new Panzer Korps (unbuilt kits) - what a surprise, it's the Jagdpanzer IV/Hetzer series. The only tank not included in the Cando version is the Jagdpanzer IV L/70 (A) at the bottom right hand corner. Hmmm... may be I'll just pick up this one. Here is the line-up:

14029 Hetzer Early Production + Jagdpanzer IV A-0
14030 Hetzer Late Production + Jagdpanzer IV L/48
14031 Pz.Aufkl.38(t) w/7.5cm Kwk + Jagdpanzer IV L/70
14032 Flammpanzer 38(t) + Jagdpanzer IV L/70(A)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Easy Model = Trumpeter ?

Hobbylink has a couple of 1/144 items from a company called "Easy Model". There is a LCM 3 (see above) which I think it's very similar to the one from Trumpeter. It's kind of comfusing if they are coming from the same mold. As you may know, these trumpeter kits are distributed in the U.S. under the name of Museum Collection of Pegasus. In Japan, I think some 1/144 tanks were released under the Trumpeter brand. And now, there is another name "Easy Model" which is going to release same tanks from Trumpeter molds. Another reason I suspect these are amde by Trumpeter molds is the other 2 offers from Easy Model are the 60cm Ziu and Odin which have also been released by Trumpeter both in kit and pre-built form.

I can understand for business reasons, manufacturers like Trumpeter need to find some good partners to distribute the products in different region. But I think it's too confusing if the same line of products are distributed under different names. If you're not careful, you may buy unwanted duplicated items. ( Another reason I create this blog to save you $$$ :-) )

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Preiser "N" scale figures

When I was looking for something in my garage during the weekend, I found these 2 "N" scale figure sets from Preiser. I totally forgot I had bought these many years ago before I moved to the U.S. as they were hidden in one of those carton boxes. I think I will try to put them together with the Cando or WTM and see how it feels. The first set above is an industrial worker set which I think can be changed to soldiers (or workers in a tank factory :-) ) easily.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Fleischmann "N" Scale Locomotives

Last time I bought a 1/130 Furuta locomotive but it was too small. As a result, I bought this Fleischmann N scale train couple days ago in order to see the difference between this n scale and the 1/144 from Dragon Cando.

As seen in the picture, you can see it's a little bit smaller than 1/144 and yes, it's about 1/10 smaller than Dragon Cando. However, if you don't put them side by side, I think the difference may not be so noticeable. To me, I'm satisfied with the result. Next target, a "N" steam loco with a reasonable price as I don't want to pay for $200 just for a diorama. More pictures can be found here.

I'll keep looking. A class 01 passenger loco or a class 38 will be nice.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I just found a web site from a France model builder who is detailing a Sd Kfz. 251/22. Very nice. Take a look.

1/150 Japanese Temple

Hello all, I'm back from hell work so hopefully I can update regularly. The above is a 1/150 Japanese Temple made by wood. Yen 39900. I won't buy it but it looks pretty nice. Talk to you again tomorrow as I need to tocuh up some pictures which I took recently. Better updates next time.