Friday, September 29, 2006

Cafereo F4 Special Thunderbird and Blue Angel

If you are a F4 lover like me. You shouldn't miss these F4 Specials from Cafereo. 700Yen each. Target Release Date: Late October.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Japan Sinks! Operation D-1

I have been busy uploading some of my new collections to my homepage. I'm going to post them here in the next couple days. The first one is the hot topic, the Japan Sinks D-1. Quality-wise, I think this is below par from Takara. Those two CH-47 have some fitting problem (as least the set I received), I need to drill some holes bigger in order to attached some small parts. On the other hand, a wing of the airship is missing as well as the left wheel cover also disappeared. Hopefully you guys are more lucky.

As a 1/144 collector, you should not miss these 2 trucks - a big Type 73 Truck and a small Type 73 SUV/Light Truck. Again, you can combine these 2 with another 3 trucks from D-2 to become a small diorama. Last but not least, the quality is the best in this series. For example, if you compare these to those German trucks from Metal Troops, these Japan Sinks are value for money. First, you can get 2 vehicles in one box. Second, the SUV has a clear windshield. And then, the windshield has wipers (painted). I think the guy who sculpted these together with the JGSDF from Konami is a genius. The painting of these trucks is also top quality.

I'm not a 1/700 collector but those 2 1/700 ships (on top) and the air ship (below) are also quite nice. The only disappointment are those choppers which I think I also have some CH-47 and Super Puma from F-Toysa and too many deep-sea submarines (3 including the secret item).

Overall, an interesting topic with some interesting items. My suggestion is to get one set if you can. If not, just pick the trucks or the 1/700 items if you are a 1/700 collector. More pictures can be found here.

Friday, September 22, 2006

F-Toys Twin Engine Series 2

Here is another picture on F-Toys Twin Engine Airplanes 2. I think may be I'll just pick the Hs-219s. I want the BigBird 2 from Cafereo more.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

CGD - Diorama Bases

Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!

There was not much to talk about lately so I showed you something which I bought and was very impressed about the quality of these diorama bases from CGD. I bought directly from CGD and the price was quite reasonable. I think the pictures can tell you more than my poor writing. More pictures can be found here. Feel free to comment. As usual, tanks and figures are not included.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Panzer Korps - M109A6 and M1A2 SEP

Here are a couple pictures of the Panzer Korp M109A6 and M1A2. I used the Gunze H27 as shown in instruction for the base paint. I don't quite like the glossy finish as you can see from the picture to the right. Although I have covered it with multi layers of matt coating, you can still find the tank is still a little glossy. More pictures can be found here and here.

The base is what I bought from CGD. I bought a couple and I quite like the finish. Will show more pictures later.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cando Tiger I - US & Japan versions

Normally there are not many differences between Japan and US versions. However, the Tiger I which Japan first released in Japan was using a different mold than the same tank released in the US later. As you can see from above, the side armor between these 2 versions are visible. The Japan version is more like a straight line and the US version has different slopes for 4 side armors. Check the pictures and you will know what I mean. The paint scheme also has slight differences. Since the special Tiger I of the Japan version is rare and very expensive now and the cost of US version should be pretty much in line with other Cando specials (a lot lower than the Japan version). Please be careful not to buy the wrong tank with the wrong price.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Tomica - Light Armor Mobility Vehicle - Not 1/144

Sorry. This is not 1/144 but a new release from Tomica. Even it's not 1/144 I found it's a nice one and the price Yen 360 is very reasonable too. If you're also interested in these Tomica cars. Click this link. Release date: Oct 21.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Michael Wittmann Collection

I have thought about creating this new subject on special projects or collections for a while. Since there are not that too much news on 1/144 and I want to make some new changes to this blog, I think now is a good time to start. As the first topic, what can be a better selection than this most popular panzer ace in WWII - Michael Wittmann.

As you can see below, there are many options so do you have them all. Here is the line-up:

Tiger I (S04) - Dragon Cando Tiger I Series Special - with 88 hit marks on the barrel. This 1st release in Japan is hard to find now. One may show up in ebay from time to time but the price may well over $100 (I saw a Japan version was sold at $300 in Japan). Please note this price should apply to Japan version only (which were sold out long time ago). The same tank of US version has slight differences (which I will put it in another document another day) and you can still find them from many on-line shops. I think the price should be $25-$50 (a whole carton is $200 with 48 tanks so if the price is too high, just buy a whole carton and then sell off the others.)

Tiger I (S04) - World Tank Musuem Series 05 Special.

Tiger I (1331) - Special Edition of Dragon Cando Tiger I. As shown in Kursk. This was sold in a model exhibition only.

Tiger I (1331) - World Tank Museum Series 07. This is a regular tank so the price should be just a few dollars.

Tiger I (007) - World Tank Museum Series 01 Special - This is the last Tiger I Michael Wittmann used before it was blow up by a Firefly in France. This is a special and it's the 1st release from Takara so it's hard to find now.

There is no Stug III A which Wittmann used in his early stage. May be I need to make one myself.

More info and picture can be found in my web. There are a few more from Metal Troops but the original price was quite high and the production quantity was not that many so I may add them later but not today. Otherwise, if I miss anything, just let me know.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Twin Engine Collection 2


I'm back. I didn't go anywhere but again, I just had a busy week. Anyway, hope everything should be back to normal now. First, above is a picture of WF2006 which I missed. It's about the Twin Engine Collection 2 from F-Toys. It's going to be released soon. Nice Hs-129. It seems this time the focus is Night Fighters. What are the other 2 planes?

I also spent some time to finish a few items on my work bench. Will share with you later.