Friday, February 08, 2008

Nuremberg Toy Fair 2008

Hi fellow bloggers

This is my first post in 2008 and it has been a while since my last post and I know I'm a bit lazy lately but there were not much new 1/144 trading items to talk about. For the few items released in the past couple months such as the new JGSDF or the F-Toys Bi-planes (my order is on the way), I think they were well covered by some fellow sites so I'm not going to repeat here.

As I mentioned, I just ordered the F-Toys Bi-planes as I haven't really checked on 1/144 for a while and when I tried to order, they were all sold out. It seems they are quite popular and I'm very happy to know that so hopefully it would encourage more 1/144 kits coming out this year. (Or may be not as the economy is not so good and the oil price is still so high which makes the cost a lot higher that before.)

Today I came across this Nuremberg Toy Fair 2008 site. Not a lot on 1/144 but the above 1/144 Bismarck is again very impressive. It should be come from the same company which made the 1/144 Yamato. Some very 1/72 items were on show as well so please check them out.

I hope my next post won't take another 3 months. Currently my shopping list includes the 1/144 Macross planes and the 1/144 U-Boat. Will get them when I see a good price.