Thursday, October 26, 2006

Japan Sinks D-2 and more

If you visit my bayareahobby page regularly, you may notice I have updated it with a couple of new items which I received recently.

I ordered a couple big boxes of the Japan Sinks D-2. Unfortunately, none of them has the item #9. Bad luck, I think. Anyone has a spare wants to exchange just let me know. Anyway, it's just a piece of sea surface with a small part of the Deep Dea Drilling Vessel with a crane to lift the Shinkai 2000 (which is included in another box) from the Sea.

One 1/144 item I like is the UH-60J of JASDF. It's similar to the one in F-Toys Heliborne 3 but the one from F-Toys is for JMSDF. The color is different and the details are different too. More pictures can be found here. I'm not a big fan of planes or choppers but I like these very much.

The LCAC is another item I like. They are in 1/700 but they can be put into the Transport Ship LST-4001 Shimokita. With the price of yen3000 for the ship with interior details, I think it's a bargain (think about you may spend $20+ for a special version of 1/144 armor or plane). I'm also thinking to paint these LCACs in green and bought a couple M1A1 to put them in as used by US Marines.

You may wonder why I haven't mentioned the talking point of these series - the little diorama as shown on top. Because I think it's an interesting point which worths its own page so I leave it later, may be tomorrow. Stay tuned.

There are a couple news on the long waited Dragon Cando Stugs, or some interesting items from Pro-hobby and Metal Troops. BD99 has covered them in his page so I'm not going to repeat here. Check them out if you're interested.

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