Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I think we saw these couple times. Takara has these in the latest press release. Click here or here for details.


Anonymous said...

you have convinced me, i think i will take chance on some of these and maybe paint some of these up?

i thinkthe choppers and tanks would appear to some of the modern/future war gamers

and some of the other can go to varios space warriors?

i quite fancy the "flat bed" trucks these could be interesting transports for luft 46 aircraft if the size is a good match?


wtmblogger said...

I agree. I will not buy a whole bunch but I think I'll buy one set. Too busy lately so I haven't placed the order yet. Let us know how they look if you receive them.

linus_kan@hotmail.com said...

Hello..I hail from Singapore. Firstly I like to say that your site is very updated with the latest information. By the way, where do you get your pro-hobby tanks etc? I can't find them in Singapore. Isit possible for me to get some from you? :)

wtmblogger said...

Thanks. Try to serch for these "hobbyworld aoshima". It's a distributor in Japan. They do ship to S'pore though. Good luck.