Monday, November 12, 2007

Cafereo 1/144 JGSDF

This series has been rumored for a while and here is the official page from Cafereo. 6 types (1 green + 1 camo) plus one special so there are total 13 different types in this series.

Line up -
1. Type 90 MBT (again!)
2. Type 99 Ammunition Transport Vehicle
3. M110A2 203mm Self Propelled Gun
4. Construction Work Vehicle
5. Type 88 Surface to surface missile launcher
6. SUV
Secret : looks like another Type 90 to me.

Will be released in December


bluedonkey99 said...


is it confirmed these are CafeReo, as originaly they appeared as Konami?

does it make any difference, is CafeReo a Konami Brand?


wtmblogger said...


I think it's produced by a company called zaccapap and distributed by Cafereo. Konami and Cafereo mostly do distribution while smaller companies like this zaccapap or Jwings who design and produce the product and then distributed by Cafereo and Konami,...etc. It's common in Japan while the product designer and distributor are 2 different companies.