Wednesday, February 28, 2007

20000 Hits

Hi fellow bloggers

Let me celebrate this site reach 20000 hits couple hours ago. Last time it took 9 months to reach 10000 hits and this time it took 6 months to reach 20000 hits.

I would like to thank everyone who visited my site, especially everything seems so slow in the past few months.

Anyway, here is a piece I found quite interesting. Soar Art Workshop I think is the partner/affiliate of the Metal Troops as it seems they are promoting the same stuffs. In this site, they have a line up for 2007. Some interesting stuffs like FAMO or the British 25 pound field gun look very nice. But tanks like the Hetzer or Stugs III, I don't know how many people will pay US$20+ plus S&H to get one. I don't know it's new or not as I haven't checked this site for a while. I'm sorry if you have seen this before.

I have quite a few boxes to un-pack. Will post them later when they are ready.

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