Tuesday, February 06, 2007

WF2007 and more from Nuremberg

Couple updates today. First of all, Wonder Festival, as usual, F-Toys has a couple special planes for sales in WF 2007. If you like 1/144 planes, you shouldn't miss them as they will be pricey in a couple of months. Here is the link.

Recently, there are not much to talk about on 1/144. If you visit my blog long enough, you may know before I have started collecting 1/144 kits, I mostly collected AND built 1/72 models.

If you also like 1/72 kits, you should know we have a lot more options than, say 5 years ago. I think every 1/72 collectors are very happy today as we now have Dragon coming out quality kits every months. We also have very nice figures from Pegasus or Caeser. You don't need to pay $20+ to bid for a 10 years old ESCI kit. I think I may spend more time and money on 1/72 from now on. (Don't worry. I will keep posting 1/144 news or reviews as long as I get hold any of them).

Finally, here are 2 more links from Nuremburg Toy Fair. Very nice pictures. I think the Feldgendarmen from Preiser are very impressive. If you like 1/144 planes, there are quite a few new items on display.

ipmsdeutschland.de Link 1
ipmsdeutschland.de Link 2

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