Thursday, March 15, 2007

OMG - Cando "new" Tiger I

Oh my god. It turns out the re-release of the Tiger Is from Dragon is not the worst news. What even worse is Dragon is so lack of imagination that it releases the same tanks with different decals. As you can see from the pictures, one is 141 and one is 142. I know these are early production tanks so the variations are limited but why picked this topic? I think we got similar tanks from WTM5 and you can buy a whole battalion of decals from a Japan seller to build a whole battalion. If Dragon wants to make this more attractive, why not just give us a tank with no decal and then provide a separate decal sheet similar to those from Panzer Korps. I think we will be more happy and someone may just want to buy it for the decal. BTW, what is that special? Is it the one for Operation Sea Lion?


Chascbv said...

I hadn't noticed that two of the tanks were identical versions with identical paint schemes and correlative tactical numbers. Thanks for pointing this out to us... Why did Dragon choose to do this is really hard to imagine!

As I posted elsewhere, what drew my attention were those ill-fitting tracks, and the fact that they're not shaped to reproduce the sag that's so typical of Tiger and Panther tanks. In my opinion, these tight tracks absolutely fail to represent the looks of a real Tiger, and hence detract a lot from these otherwise good-looking models.

Now, when did WW2 become a single-sided conflict? Did the Germans really fight themselves? Weren't the Americans, Britons, and Soviets also involved?

Best regards.

wtmblogger said...

Totally agree with you. The new tracks will be a problem for Tigers as they were never fitted so tight. Let's wish the 1/144 will follow the Dragon Armor which now has more allied tanks from Russian and the US Army.