Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Windows Vista

Hi guys
Long time no talk as I was struggling with my new computer with Windows Vista installed. I know it's not advised to use such a new OS in the first few months, my old PC crashed every 30 minutes so I must buy a new one as it'a 5 years old machine.

If you're an ebay seller like me. Please be careful before you upgraded to Vista as I had waited for a while until ebay finally came up with a Beta version "ebay Lister" which some how fixed the bug with Vista. However, it's not fully functioning yet. Beware.

Anyway, no big news lately except there was a rumor in a Japanese site. If I understand correctly, probably it mentioned WTM 10 actually was on show in the Kaiyodo booth in WF2007 and probably behind doors also everyone saw them had signed a NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement). I don't know how much truth is that but that piece of message excited me already. It would be wonderful if anyone can provide more info.

I have many items need to load them into my ebay shop these 2 days as I haven't done that for a while due to the Vista problem, that's it for today and hope you like the above big bird 2 picture.


bluedonkey99 said...

the paintwork and finish looks nice!

Chascbv said...

Thanks for posting these pictures! All three models look very good indeed, both shape- and detail-wise (although panel lines are rather overdone). Camouflage colours also look very realistic.

My only nitpick is the Black Widow can't seemingly sit on its nosewheel - let's hope there's room for some ballast inside the nose and engine cowls!

wtmblogger said...

Guys, I agree with you both and pls note these are samples and the final product on sale may not be as good. The Bid Bird 1 I bought was ok but some planes from F-Toys I bought some paint patterns don't align.

From the picture, it looks like you can put the ballast inside the nose of the Black Widow. By the way, what is the best (and cheap) item small and heavy enough to use as the ballast?

Chascbv said...

For ballast I use airgun pellets; they are small, cheap, and heavy. They work best when embedded in a small chunk of plasticine, which helps in packing them and keeping them at the desired spot. Hope this helps!