Monday, April 16, 2007

Targa 1/144 U-Boat

This 1/144 U-Boat Type VII-C looks very impressive with interior details and crews. Yen 4000 sounds reasonable too. 2 different paint schemes, camo and grey. And also it looks like a die cast model. Release date: Jun 25.


Anonymous said...

look cool!

the previous info i found on this seemed to suggest that it was 2x colour version and possibibly a "special"?

interesting how yuo can slice the craft into sections or along the length!? - or does it depend on which color version?


wtmblogger said...

The ad didn't mention about the "special". From the picture, it seems both colors can be seperated into 8 piece and I think one side of the hull can be removed. So you can put them altogether and remove the side hull or put the hull back and just seperate them into 8 pieces. The price quoted also a price for both. I wonder you may need to buy both as a set at the same time.