Friday, August 18, 2006

New WTM distributor in the U.S.

BD99's blog has the picture below regarding WTM 07 being distributed in the U.S. by ACD Distribution under the name "AFV collector Series". So far, I'm not too excited by it as the price $4.95 is more expensive than I buy from Japan plus shipment by EMS. Unless, they sell the WTM01 again so that I can pick up more 88. (Just 88, nothing more as the quality of others are not upto today's standard.) The good points are may be with New Millenium and now ACD get sold or distributed in the U.S., more people here know about this 1/144 world. Second, if you just want some Allied tanks, you have a chance to pick up specific items as they will be sold in open boxes. Also, more sales may encourage Takara or Dragon to keep on releasing new products.

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