Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cando Tiger I - US & Japan versions

Normally there are not many differences between Japan and US versions. However, the Tiger I which Japan first released in Japan was using a different mold than the same tank released in the US later. As you can see from above, the side armor between these 2 versions are visible. The Japan version is more like a straight line and the US version has different slopes for 4 side armors. Check the pictures and you will know what I mean. The paint scheme also has slight differences. Since the special Tiger I of the Japan version is rare and very expensive now and the cost of US version should be pretty much in line with other Cando specials (a lot lower than the Japan version). Please be careful not to buy the wrong tank with the wrong price.


Anonymous said...

thats quite interesting!
i'm gonna have to go and check mine at the weekend to see what versions i have as I know I have mainly Japanese but also some US units.


wtmblogger said...

For other regular Tiger I tanks, there should not be too much difference in term of price. But the special was so rare in the first release in Japan (Probably 2 in a whole carton of 120). I saw a couple were sold in Japan @ US$300 each. Alternatively, the US version probably have 1 in 48 but I think since you can still find a whole carton somewhere in the web selling $200 for a whole carton, it does not make any sense to pay the same price while you can buy a whole carton with $200 (while the Japan version had been long gone before I started buying 1/144 tanks like 4 years ago.)