Thursday, September 28, 2006

Japan Sinks! Operation D-1

I have been busy uploading some of my new collections to my homepage. I'm going to post them here in the next couple days. The first one is the hot topic, the Japan Sinks D-1. Quality-wise, I think this is below par from Takara. Those two CH-47 have some fitting problem (as least the set I received), I need to drill some holes bigger in order to attached some small parts. On the other hand, a wing of the airship is missing as well as the left wheel cover also disappeared. Hopefully you guys are more lucky.

As a 1/144 collector, you should not miss these 2 trucks - a big Type 73 Truck and a small Type 73 SUV/Light Truck. Again, you can combine these 2 with another 3 trucks from D-2 to become a small diorama. Last but not least, the quality is the best in this series. For example, if you compare these to those German trucks from Metal Troops, these Japan Sinks are value for money. First, you can get 2 vehicles in one box. Second, the SUV has a clear windshield. And then, the windshield has wipers (painted). I think the guy who sculpted these together with the JGSDF from Konami is a genius. The painting of these trucks is also top quality.

I'm not a 1/700 collector but those 2 1/700 ships (on top) and the air ship (below) are also quite nice. The only disappointment are those choppers which I think I also have some CH-47 and Super Puma from F-Toysa and too many deep-sea submarines (3 including the secret item).

Overall, an interesting topic with some interesting items. My suggestion is to get one set if you can. If not, just pick the trucks or the 1/700 items if you are a 1/700 collector. More pictures can be found here.

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