Tuesday, November 07, 2006

1/144 Pegasus Figures - cont'd

After years of waiting, Pegasus finally has released these 1/144 figures. We have many tanks, planes from different companies but there are not that many companies produce real 1/144 figures.

The first time I saw these was from the Pegasus web and later there were some pictures with some unpainted figures on the sprue. May be they found it hard to price a couple un-painted 1/144 figures so they decided to sell them pre-painted now. I probably will re-paint some of them so either way does not impact me (except my wallet).

I think you may agree it looks a bit bored if there is no figure in any diorama. They may not be good for wargaming but I think they are a welcome addition for collectors. I know Preiser also has some German Panzer crews but they are hard to find anyway.

There are 5 sets in this first releases - Modern US - desert and NATO uniform, WWII German (early), WWII Americans & WWII Russians. I think the figures are very well sculpted. The painting is ok but I think the WWII German set and Russian set used some glossy paint so they look too glossy to me. May be they will look better if you re-paint them.

My first impression of these figures is they are a bit smaller than others. But if you look at the picture at the bottom, you can find they are not really that small.

I wish these sets sell well so Pegasus will keep producing more figures such as late WWII German or some other figures not in action. Anyway, check here for more details.


bluedonkey99 said...

nice comparison picture.

is it me, or do the pegasus figures look "shiney/glossy?"

as for the preiser panzer figures, they are hard to find as i do not belive they are on sale yet - I have had a back order with a big railway hobby supplier since feb'06!

wtmblogger said...

You're right. Both the German and Russian look shiny/glossy. The Americans Modern and WWII look ok as they have a flat/matt look. I think they pick the wrong color as I think the German look too blue/greyish to me too.