Thursday, November 02, 2006

Takara - Famous Airplanes of the World - Special

If you like the "Famous Plane of the World" Series from Takara, the item in the above picture may interest you. It was a special in the past and it seems it is going to be a public sale this month in November. Yen 1500 each bundled with one of the plane below. Here is the original link.


bluedonkey99 said...

that is interesting, with regard to the 2 new planes!

ok, there are types of placne we have seen before, but at least the paint schemes are more interesting than some we have seen before!

I have ome of these sets on order, fingers crossed I get one of each?

wtmblogger said...

I agree. Although I think I have too many ME-109 or FW-190 but Takara's painting quality is very good. If you compare the very first release of WTM01 to what we have today, you can see they have improved a lot in the past few years.