Sunday, July 09, 2006

Finally finished!

Finally finished. I didn't mean the World Cup. I mean after a chaotic week working 16 hours a day (and also squeezed some time to watch World Cup), I finally have time to finish my Challenger 2 which has sit on the bench for over a month.

I spent sometime to find out the decals and put them on. I also added a few antennas on top of the turrent. I think it's and I'm happy as it's my first model for many years. I put it side by side with the Dragon Cando Challenger 2 (see below), it seems the Dragon one is more "yellow". And compared to a real one (the first picture on top), I think the real thing is somewhere in between as I think may be I should add more yellow to the paint. Anyway, I think I'm not going to touch it again and move on.

Of course, feel free to comment.

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Anonymous said...

it looks great leave it alone before you do too much!!