Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Millennium Toys

I wasn't impressed when I first saw the pictures of this series. As it seem the quality wasn't comparable to Takara's World Tank Museum or Dragon Cando. However, I finally picked up a couple and I found I was satisfied with what I bought. As mentioned, the quality is not as good but the price is a very good advantage if you want to build an army. Unfortunately, the first release also included 4 German tanks. Most of these German tanks have been released by different manufacturers many many times. I think to be successful, they should focus on the "fill the gap" business. For example, the M4 and M18 are good selections. They should produce more softskins, Allied tanks or armor cars. With the price they sold in the US, it would be a good alternative to wargamers.

If you are a collector, you may not buy more than one ( just one to complete your collection) as the quality control is also in question. For example, the picture above shows a King Tiger which I didn't check carefully when I bought, you can see the gap in front as well as the gun is bent. Anyway, you need to be patient when you buy these to ensure you don't buy something like this. The built quality in one big boxes varies a lot so you always have a chance to find a good one. Just need more time to check one by one. More pictures can be found in my homepage here.

There are some news regarding future releases, check out BD99's site for infomation.

Below are the AS-90 which I built and, same as the Challenger 2, I added some decals and I think it's done. More pictures can be found here.

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