Sunday, July 23, 2006

No news is bad news.

Sorry for slow updates as there was not much to talk about in 1/144 recently. People has talked about the 1/144 production has slowed down in Japan for a while and now manufacturers like Tamiya are focusing on 1/48 (which is the scale I'm not interested in).

I went to the book shop today trying to check out the latest Model Graphix which normally has a page dedicated to 1/144 or WTM but it seems this page were gone in the last 2 copies of July & August.

On the other hand, the picture above is from a Japanese site, which I believed the owner is the sculptor of JGSDF series as you can find how he built all these little JGSFD tanks or softskins in his site. In his forum, there is a message talking about any chance we can have the JGSDF Series 4 but it seems Konami has scraped the Series 4. Here is the original message and here is the English translation. Again, it seems like a bad news.

He did sculpted the Type 73 trucks which are inclueded in the Japan Sinks series (please see picture below which I copy from a Yahoo Auction).

All these added together, I think we may still see a WTM or Can from time to time but if you think we may have more new manufacturers join the 1/144 world like Popy, F-Toys or Konami, the chance seems very slim in the near future.

(I think these trucks look good. Big question: How can I just get a couple of these without paying a fortune?)


robert k said...

Of course maybe production slow down.. maybe a symptom of reduction in same itens only changing painting is a error wich we talked here before.... (AKA Wtm kingtigers,or FAOW and WC zeros and Me-109F)
If some producers listen or have a attention of what the market wants...I believe the sales would be much better...
I liked some itens of this konami series..they did some unreleased itens(OH-1ninja,jeeps, trucks) bad if they stop..and this combo truck and jeep is very nice idea..(I don´t have this one yet.)

robert k said...

Wow.. I just checked the link of the guy who producers the masters.. wow..wonderfull hands... I just wanted have half of his skills...

Anonymous said...

yes, excellent modeling skills that man has!!