Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sturmtiger! - Panzer Korp

I have just finished my Panzer Korp Sturmtiger. I built one 1/72 years ago and I also have a couple Dragon Armor Sturmtiger so there are quite a few reference on the paint job.

If you follow my blog regularly, you may notice I start this in May. I finally have some time to add the wash and decal as well as to find a Cando display box to store it.

I quite like this kit. One, this has never been released in Cando. Second, I like heavy tanks. As I mentioned in my previous post, this is my first model in years, there are quite a few things to improve if I build it again. For exmaple, the "crane" looks bulky and also more details can be added on it. Alternatively, one can also cut open the doors on top easily. Anyway, it's fun also to build it out of the box. More later.

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