Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dragon Cando Blitzkrieg Series

It's not something new but I found Dragon had just updated the Cando page with the new Blitzkrieg Series. You can click the link here to access.

I also found in a blog from Taiwan mentioned that they can just buy the WTM in 7-eleven in open boxes and they had just re-stocked some old releases including the hard to find WTM 04. How lucky they are compared to us who live on the other side of the Pacific. I think most of us buy these from the web.

When I was in Tokyo couple months ago, I couldn't find too many options in those big toy shops which I visited. May be they are sold mostly in the local toy shops which you may need a local to guide you there. If anyone knows where are the best places to get any 1/144 rare items such as resin kits, please let me know and I thank you in advance.

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