Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dragon Cando Giant Armor - German Railway Vehicles

I have just updated my web page with this to me a "must buy" for 1/144 armor collectors.

All the vehicles are very well painted. As shown in the pictures here, the painting quality is better than those from Dragon laterly. The car in the second picture has a wooden texture which looks pretty real in this scale. In fact, I have no complaint on the painting of all cars.

There are 3 tanks included in this set. The Panzer III and IV were previously released in the original Panzer III and IV series repectively (with same marking as well). The 38t also is the same one released in the Blitzkrieg Series (the special one with 2 figures).

It seems Dragon is trying to cut corners as now most of the "Special" are just one of the vehicles in the regular items with a different marking or painting. For example, the Leopard in Winter camo in the Modern German Armors. In the old days, you could get a more special tank such as the Flak Panzer IV or the Pz Beob Wg V, Ausf G.

I bought these a couple weeks after the release but I found it hard to get a full set. It seems either they are very popular to the fans or Dragon only produced them in a lesser quantity. So if you like these and find a full set, just buy them.

Verdict: Highly Recommended.

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