Saturday, December 10, 2005

World Tank Museum Series #8

Hello. It's weekend again. What I want to talk about today is not something new but just let you guys know I have just updated the World Tank Museum Series #8 in my homepage. Click here to access more pictures.

Although I still don't quite like Takara keeps selling some re-painted tanks which are originated from past series such as the Tiger II as shown in the picture below. However, if you compare with what they released few years ago, you can still see the improvements during the past few years. I'm not saying they are much superior than other manufacturers such as Dragon or Popy (don't mention the new Millennium Toys as I don't think they are in the same category which the later one more targets the little kids or some wargamers who don't care much about the quality but make up the number. No offending to wargamers here as I'm just saying we have different requirements. I know WTM is still a toy which may not please serious modellers. However, I think myself is a collector so quality is one of the issue on what I want and what I'll just pass especially nowadays we have more and more choices. May be I should use another post to talk about it.) I think I don't mind to keep at least one set of these little gems. If you look at the Panther G, it's a new mold. If you look at the Tiger II without knowing it has been released before, you will appreciate the painting work a lot more. I did take some picture to compare the new Panther G with the past one as well as the Dragon Cando. I will load them in my homepage later and let you know here. Any comments, just let me know by clicking the comments link below.

Today I also bought a Lego hospital for my 3 years old son. I did like Lego a lot when I was a kid. Now I can play with him together.

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