Monday, December 05, 2005

Welcome to the 1/144 World!

Welcome to my WTMBlog which dedicates to the 1/144 mini armor. Couple years ago, Takara in Japan introduced us to this 1/144 world with its World Tank Museum series. It was such a great success that Dragon followed with its Cando series the following year.

2004-2005, this topic has become more popular in Asia and we have more different kind of kits from new players such as Popy, Trumpeter, F-Toys...etc.

We did have 1/144 planes long before that but they were all un-assembled kits. Please join this blog if you're interested in these 1/144 trading kits.

Althought I will mostly talk about the 1/144 kits but I'll also share some of my other collections such as the 1/72 Dragon Armor which is also my favorite and they are even more popular in the US now as we're all too busy to build our own kits.

This is my first post so I just stop here. I'll update this as frequent as possible. Please come back and let me know if you have any comments. Cheers.

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