Thursday, December 22, 2005

Pro-Hobby - Land Rover (Pink Panther)

Couple days ago, I mentioned about the Pro-Hobby 1/144 kits. I have just placed an order for some German soldiers and also the SAS Land Rover (Pink Panther). From the picture, it looks nice and also I think it's one interesting item Dragon will not release it before 2020. Will keep you guys posted on the quality once I have them. Both the soldiers and the Land Rover Jeep have not been released yet so it may take a while before I receive them.

There is another future release which interests me - the 1/144 Panzer II Ausf. L or Luchs. This tank was widely use at the end of the war for reconnaissance purpose. For sure I will order at least one when they come out.


bluedonkey99 said...

I received mine a few weeks ago direct from Japan.

The Pinkpanthers(MTM12)are really nice, the guns and drivers are seperate and need to be added. Remember we drive on the left in the UK so place your driver on the opposite side to the usaual US/European Driving posistion.

The detailing on the PP is very nice, might need to touch up a few points here and there but havent decided yet.

The guard tower is useful!

I also got the Japanese airmobile tracked gun (MTM11) not as keen on this. The trouble is these items are not always clearely listed on some of the website so sometimes you have to take your chances as to what your actually going to get on pre-order as if you wait until you know for sure what they are they have often sold out...

wtmblogger said...

I see. These series from Pro-Hobby seems not too popular outside of the Japan but I think it's a success in Japan as you can see they expand the series rapidly. I think the price is also in line with other resin kits.

As you said, I don't check these on-line shops everyday and always I found they were sold out .