Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bandai Bus Collection

I picked up three of these for myself when I was shopping something for my son in Tokyo. Actually, he likes these little buses more than what I bought him.

As you can see from the box picture above, each box also comes with one out of 4 different display bases. For the buses themselves, there are total 2 models in 12 colors plus 1 special. I only bought 3 but luckily I managed to get at least 1 in each model.

It looks nice and might be I should buy more. Besides 1/144, I have more and more Japan "N" scale stuffs now.

I also ordered the Tomytec Trailer and Truck Collections. Will post them here next time.

By the way, does anyone know where to buy some good n scale or 10-12mm modern US or British soldiers beside Minifigs? I want to buy some to accompany my Challenger 2 and AS90.

And, I found more pictures on Shizuoka Show. Click here or here.

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bluedonkey99 said...

have you seen that Series 9 of the Bus collection has been announced?