Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cafereo Big Bird

I also bought this from Japan - the Big Bird Series from Cafereo. The first sight is very impressive as even the boxes are huge.

I'm not a big fan of Imperial Japan armors or planes so I just pick up one of the Type 1 Bomber as they are all the same and the only difference is the marking and the tail numbers. The special is also a Type 1 with a Ohka (Sakura) Kamikaze plane. I do pick up all B-24J Liberators.

On the models themselves, they are pretty huge. I still can't find a place to display them so I put them all in a box. The B-24J is very nice. The only problem is the plane not in balance (heavier at the tail) so you either add a weight to the head or as suggested by Cafereo to put a clear stand at the end to balance it.

The Type 1 looks ok too but it seems something is missing at the tail as you can see a big hole there. Another minor issue with these planes are most clear parts are loosely attached to the plane so you may want to glue them to the plane in order not to lose them while you're playing with them. I can also understand there are only 2 models with 3 different versions as Cafereo need to recover the tolling cost . But the Type 1 only have 1 paint scheme and the only difference is the marking is very disappointing. If there is a second series, I hope we can see more variants in the painting and not just the marking or numbers.

Click here for more pictures. I'm still editing other pictures of my trip. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

The Betty model is correct. Many Japanese Betty gunner removed the tail blister to increase the coverage of the tail gun (20MM).

wtmblogger said...

I see. I think they should add the gun there then. It's kind of weird now as you can only see a big hole.