Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2006

It's amazing as we can see the pictures of Shizuoka Show right after the opening day of the show. Here is the homepage. Please check out details of these pictures in the above web directly.

The first picture to the left is the Dragon Merkava series, which can be found in page 20. There are 4 different Merkavas and 3 M113 variants on display so one should be the special. May be I will get just 1 set because of the M113s.

Another picture showed here is the F-toys Heliborne Collection 3. I'm very impressive with these little choppers so I think these are "Must Buy" items.

On the same page, you can find the pictures of "War Birds" also from F-Toys. This series is going to be released very soon as the target date is end of May.

One more item I want to point out are those new tanks from Metal Troops. The Sd Kfz 232, the Churchill and the Crusader all look interesting. Although the high price-tag, I think I may still get one. There is also the 1/144 Dora on display on the same page. Looks nice but I don't think I will build it.

Since these pictures are produced by someone else, I don't want to take the credit of it so please check the original site directly. There are tens or hundreds of picture so take your time and enjoy them.


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Your blog reveals a world of collectibles that is unknown to me. I have seen the die-cast Dragon models in a model shop but I didn't know that the collector's world is this vast.

And that the range of models is so large.

wtmblogger said...

Do you mean the 1/72 Dragon Armor or the 1/144 Cando? In fact, I have customers from all over the world from Australia/New Zealand to East Europe, from Canada to South America. It's an interesting subject and getting more popular. Unfortunately, there are still no major distributors in the rest of world except in Asia. I think these are products with great potential to become more popular as today not many people have time to build any more kits.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have a clue regarding these?

are they a special or future series?

Ignore the green lines - I know these are in Series 3


wtmblogger said...

I think they are future releases but it's still in an early stage so no release dates so far. The label said "For Reference Only".

Anonymous said...

thanks WTM.
There are almost project fliger like!

certainly they are a an unusual varient me262 and one not covered by others yet?

maybe FAOW/WOTL3 will be a more radical range...

me-262-1b III
hs-129 volksjager


wtmblogger said...

I think you can only get one new plane at a time with another 10 different verions of 109 or 190 again in WOTL4. You know Takara just threw these out to tease us (such as the Me-163).