Thursday, May 04, 2006

Panzer Korps - Challenger 2 & AS-90 - Part 1

Here are 2 more pictures of my work during the weekend. Both are Panzer Korp kits. I have just painted these 2 tanks out of the box. No weathering or wash has been done.

The Challenger 2 has some problems so if you want to make a perfect tank representing the one in OIF, you may need to make some corrections. Regarding the AS90, most pictures I found are long shots so there is no way to compare this kit with the real tank in action.

If you compare to the Metal Troops AS90, I think it's still a good option as the price is a lot cheaper and the kit itself is still a good kit. Will show you more when I complete the work.


robert k said...

Hey ..I liked the paint job... very nice ..what color you used?

wtmblogger said...

It's in fact the Desert Yellow of WWII German (Gunze Acrylic #79 and it's handy as I don't need to buy new paint and to be honest, I don't know which one is the best color to use for these Modern Tanks). I like Gunze as it's my old habit from Asia. You can get Gunze or Tamiya easily in Asia but not Testor or Humbrol as in the US. Also you can wash it with Tamiya enamel very easily. I did compare it to a 1/72 Dragon Armor and I think the color is pretty close.