Sunday, May 14, 2006

Japan Trip Report - 1 (Akihabara - Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby)

Akihabara - Radio Hall

I didn't have much time shopping so I only went to the one suggested by many bloggers - the Radio Hall in Akihabara (Electric Street). If you get off the JR Akihabara Train Station, just take the Electric Street exit. You can see the above "Radio Hall" building right after you leave the Station Exit.

As you can see from the picture, there is the Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby Shop on the 4th floor. There is another chain hobby shop "Yellow Submarine" on the same floor. These 2 are highly recommended to visit if you do not have too much time. There is also a Kotobukiya shop in the same building which you can also take a look if you have more time.

Back to the best shop - Hobby Lobby. As you may aware, Kaiyodo is the company who designs WTM for Takara. I think normally you can get some first hand information there. In addition, you can buy some 1/144 resin kits which you normally don't see in other shops. More pictures will be shown later on this topic.

There are also many 1/144 diorama on display but since I wasn't sure whether it's allowed to take photos or not so I decided to take a couple quick shots when the shop keeper was handling my purchases. Again, very impressive.

The "Yellow Submarine" was also interesting as it sells 1/144 kits in open box (of course with mark-up). There are many shops in Japan sell gashapon toys in open box but this one is focused on 1/144 military kits.

I'm sorry as some pictures do not have the quality I expected but more pictures will be showed in the next couple days. Stay tuned.


bluedonkey99 said...


one day I would like to meet my Japanese Friends and also to visit this place of pilgrimage!!

wtmblogger said...

If possible, I think I wish to go there one time during the show time like the Shizuoka Hobby Show coming up this week or the JAFCON. It will be fun. But it's just a wish as I have a family to take care.

Anonymous said...

This is a great place. There is a huge collectors shop about 5 minutes walk from the station that has an exceptional selection of armor. It also has some great prices on everything form tanks to transformers.