Thursday, April 06, 2006

Easy Model = Trumpeter ?

Hobbylink has a couple of 1/144 items from a company called "Easy Model". There is a LCM 3 (see above) which I think it's very similar to the one from Trumpeter. It's kind of comfusing if they are coming from the same mold. As you may know, these trumpeter kits are distributed in the U.S. under the name of Museum Collection of Pegasus. In Japan, I think some 1/144 tanks were released under the Trumpeter brand. And now, there is another name "Easy Model" which is going to release same tanks from Trumpeter molds. Another reason I suspect these are amde by Trumpeter molds is the other 2 offers from Easy Model are the 60cm Ziu and Odin which have also been released by Trumpeter both in kit and pre-built form.

I can understand for business reasons, manufacturers like Trumpeter need to find some good partners to distribute the products in different region. But I think it's too confusing if the same line of products are distributed under different names. If you're not careful, you may buy unwanted duplicated items. ( Another reason I create this blog to save you $$$ :-) )


Anonymous said...

I afraid not Trumpeter. They looked much like the Metal Troop. I had both of them and the picture looked more like the Metal Troop made.

Anonymous said...

Is there any cost difference between EASY MODEL + TRUMPETEER?


wtmblogger said...

It's only Yen1000 for the Easy Model LCM3 so it will be too cheap for a resin cast kit. I think a Metal Troops kit normally costs you Yen3000 and above. I bought a Trumpeter LCM3 last year and it was less than US$10. Even the number P-77 A is the same.

bluedonkey99 said...

the "Easy model" brand seems to be spreading....

here are some more links

this link is for the AS-90 - but the picture also shows LCM-3 and Karl morser:

the complete range - including some interesting Maus!