Thursday, April 27, 2006


I was not disappeared and now I'm back from my work. Anyway, I mentioned the other day I saw a picture in Model Graphix showing a Tiger I, a King Tiger as well as a Panther with Zimmerit.

I don't know what it means as I don't quite understand what it said on the magazine but when looked at my small collections, I found actually the WTM07 special, Otto Carius Tiger I, has Zimmerit on it. I think Takara already has some molds with Zimmerit and I bet they will be included in the coming releases very soon. (The pictures shown here are the WTM07 special together with the WTM05 Tiger I.)

There are some news last couple days. If you haven't read them, here they are:

1. The mystery Yujin gashapon tanks. It's for sale in Japan but still no news where to buy them. It's a surprise that it does include some figures. So far, from the pictures, the quality looks good. Since they are die cast tanks, I think someone likes the weight but I don't quite like it as I orginal want to get a Mobelwagen and mod all the side armors opened. Now seems not possible.

2. The Dragon Panzer Korp #9. Dragon has udpated its web and here is the link. I like the Japgpanzer IV L/70 (A) because of the PE schurzen. Let me check if anyone sell them seperately (not a whole set).

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Anonymous said...

you can normally buy these in the "twin kit" boxes,there isnt a need to buy the complete set of 8 items. you can normally pick these up from hobby stores, internet and ebay. for less than $5 USD