Friday, April 14, 2006

Metal Troops - Steyr 1500

Steyr 1500 are one of the work horses of German in WWII. As WTM has only produced a handful of softskins (and none from Dragon), this Steyr is very attractive to me. In addition, you get a German soldier with the kit (not very nice but better than nothing.)

The only problem with this kit is the windshield is solid and then painted in silver. I prefer Metal Troops put a cover on it and then turn it down on top of the hood or simply made a hold so we can put a clear plate on it. Anyway, a nice kit. Recommended.

More pictures can be found here in my web.

You probaby know WTM09 is selling in Japan now but my vendor has not notified me yet. Any news from you guys?


bluedonkey99 said...

I have seen wtm9 on sale on yahoo japan... and on ebay...

some of the other english language traders in Japan seem a little behind?

to behonest I am not a big fan of wtm-9 , maybe I buy an s-tank?

the special is a deformed monster!

bring on the F-toys WWII those biys will get my next money!! - shame F-toys do n ot make tank series, if there were as original and interesting as there aircraft they would kick A**!

bluedonkey99 said...

The metal troops steyr is nice, but as you say - let down by a solid" windshield!?? That is a shame!?

Pro-hobby will be producing the Horsh soon - maybe I will buy that instead?

wtmblogger said...

Yes, I probably will buy the Horch one too. There is a message in the Japan board said hoping the Projekt Panzer will be back. I don't know how much truth in it or it's just someone's wish.

I also got my WTM 09 carton shipped yesterday so it will arrive in a couple of weeks (by sea. Shipped it by sea saved me a lot of money.) Although I'm not too exited but I will keep at least a set. I think the M48 may be a hot item too as it's more popular and been used in many countries. For example, many Taiwanese bloggers saying they will convert them to the ROC (Taiwan) version.

robert k said...

Maybe if cut the solid windshield and replace for a clear acetate or thermaform with painted frames...
The Project Flieger could be back too... there are so many Luft 46 to be released...

bluedonkey99 said...


Where is this info on the Japanese board re Project Panzer?

I would be interested in seeing this and perhaps getting a few people on the Japanese 1/144 scene to check out rumour machine?

Fingers crossed something happens,
imagine the cool bonus kits too!?

maybe pro-hobby and those Yujin kits (if they ever show up) has inspired some guys to be less conservative?