Monday, April 03, 2006

Fleischmann "N" Scale Locomotives

Last time I bought a 1/130 Furuta locomotive but it was too small. As a result, I bought this Fleischmann N scale train couple days ago in order to see the difference between this n scale and the 1/144 from Dragon Cando.

As seen in the picture, you can see it's a little bit smaller than 1/144 and yes, it's about 1/10 smaller than Dragon Cando. However, if you don't put them side by side, I think the difference may not be so noticeable. To me, I'm satisfied with the result. Next target, a "N" steam loco with a reasonable price as I don't want to pay for $200 just for a diorama. More pictures can be found here.

I'll keep looking. A class 01 passenger loco or a class 38 will be nice.


robert k said...

these cargo vagoon wheels fit in Dragon Panzer korps tracks?

wtmblogger said...

No, they're a bit smaller but you probably won't see them as they are under the car. If you look carefully, they are around 2mm shorter so it's around 1mm short each side.