Friday, April 21, 2006

Metal Troops Tiger I with Interior Details and some other news

I mentioned the other day in April version of Model Graphix, there is a Tiger I from WTM quoted "C3 Special" and it looked like something will be released in the C3 show. The pictures I show here are not the one. They are from Metal Troops. It's not new but I only bought it recently. You may have seen it before or you may already have one.

Details are reasonably well sculpted and re-produced for a mass produced kit (I know it's hand built resin kit but I think they still qualified as mass production). The problem of this kit I think is the proportion of the kit. I tried to put all pieces back together and I found the kit is too tall. Somehow not in proportion. More pictures can be found here.

What about May version of Model Graphix? It shows a Tiger I, a King Tiger and a Panther with Zimmerit. After seeing these, I won't hold my breath for WTM10. Probably some remake from prior series again with some interior details, zimmerit,...etc. To me, Zimmerit is not something high tech. Dragon has done that in their early series such as King Tiger (Porsche turrent) or JagdTiger so nothing new about it. I'm very disappointed if Takara thought it would get us excited.

One last piece is Dragon has updated the Cando page with the new Jagdpanzer series. Check it out.

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