Friday, April 14, 2006

Japan Sinks! Operation D-2

I made a mistake the other day. The LCAC actually is included in the second set called Operation D-2, the one we talked about the other day was D-1. This set is scheduled to release on 8/14 and the first set is scheduled on 7/24. The interesting thing about this set is most of the items are in 1/144 scale. Sadly the LCAC is 1/700. I want a 1/144.

Updated: 04/15/2006

Here is the line-up
1. 1/144 Deep Sea Research Submarine - Shinkai 2000 (Type A)
2. 1/144 Deep Sea Research Submarine - Shinkai 2000 (Type B)
3. 1/144 JASDF Rescue Helicopter UH-60J
4. 1/144 CH47-J (JASDF)
5. 1/700 LCAC Landing Craft
6. 1/700 Deep Sea Research Vessel Chikyu
7. 1/144 JGSDF Type 73 Truck (old) and Type 73 Jeep (old)
8. 1/144 Type 73 Ambulance
9. 1/144 Crane (???)
10. Secret item

More info of the original ships can be found here.


bluedonkey99 said...

One of those large hover craft would be cool! - although I appreciate it isnt going to happen!

There was one however done in resin at some model show in japan, now one of those would be great!

bluedonkey99 said...

the rescue helicoptor looks like the FTOYS/Platz kit from WF2006?

wtmblogger said...

I'm wondering the CH47J and the UH-60J are the same issued by F-Toys. Many subs were also issued by Takara before. I like all these trucks as they are new and they're good to support the JGSDF series. I think I may buy a couple boxes and sell off what I don't want (and keep all the trucks.