Sunday, February 26, 2006

Furuta - World SL account of the Trip

Couple days ago, I mentioned about the Furuta train. I put it together with the 1/144 from Dragon Cando to compare the size between these two. Although the locomotive claimed to be 1/130 but it seems it's smaller than the 1/144.

I'm a bit disappointed. So my search for a steam engine is still not finished. May be I will get an n scale engine from Liliput or Fleischmann. For this Furuta series, there is one BR03 in 1/200 which I think was widely used during WWII in Germany. However, it's 1/200 so it doesn't fit my requirement.

Putting my requirement aside, these little engines look pretty cute and if you're a train lover, you shouldn't miss them (my 3 year old son who is a Thomas lover and he keeps asking me to give him this engine to play). There is a second series from Furuta but most of them are engines used in Japan only. For more pictures, please lick here.

Back to the Wonder Festival 2006, here are more pictures from Takara and F-Toys.


robert k said...

lets pray for Trumpeter release a downscale of this one..

Strange but the front of this locomotive looks like Dart VAder tie Fighter..

wtmblogger said...

I think Trumpeter should find a new painter to draw the box arts as I found they are way off the standard of Dragon or Tamiya. This BR52 is a very nice loco but it looks so ugly on this picture. As you said, it's so off scale and it really like the TIE fighter. (Hehe, I just learn you need to use capital letters for TIE as it represents Twin Ion Engines. I learn it from my son's Lego kits).