Monday, March 20, 2006

Brummbar from Toropo (Resin kit)

Here is a new Brummbar from Toropo in Japan. Brummbar is one of my favorite tanks as I like big guns. This one is the mid production. Initially, my first impression was the front plate of the superstructure was too steep. However, after comparing to the picture, I think it's reasonable.

Overall, this one looks nice but I think will be pricey. Since Yujin will come out with the same tank in 1/150, many of us may wait for the Yujin Brummbar.


el_basser said...


Brummbar is one of my favorite tanks as I like big guns.<

Is it true?
"Blmubea" is cool.

Three kinds of "Resin kit" of "Blmubea" is sold in Japan.
Please refer if it is good.

wtmblogger said...

el bassser san
Long time no talk. Yes, I like big gun so I hope the Dora from Fujimi will be available here soon. I also checked the site you refered but I think they don't sell outside of Japan. Sad.
I do check your site from time to time hope I can find more news on your Dora project. Amazing.

bluedonkey99 said...

i have this one:

I won it on EBAY from "Starjet" or "JAPANGEL003" last year, I don't remember which?

I would be prepared to swap it for another resin kit of another German item i don't have?

wtmblogger said...

This is the one I like the most and I don't think there is any chance it'll be released in injection form:

el_basser said...


Long time no talk.

I am sorry.
Because I am a quite lazy character.

Please call it at any time when you want the resin kit of Japan.

It would be greatly appreciated if it could help you.

Everyone in the world enjoying 1/144 applies about me.

bluedonkey99 said...

thats a nice one, there are about 10 items on here I have added to my list of "want's"

so many items so little time...

el_basser said...

Hi! BD99.
Nice to meet you in BBS here.

I want this.

wtmblogger said...

The VK3001(H) is nice too. It is expensive though.

Anonymous said...

Hi el-basser.

"Sturer Emil" is a beast!

on atelier infinite site - i like the most (plus many!)

take care all


wtmblogger said...

I agree. They look awesome. But I need more $$$. MORE $$$.

el_basser said...

Hi! BD99.

Pneumonia has not been reconciled yet.
It is painful still.

The dream of 1/144 extends unmeasured.
BD99 seems to have gone to "Moon".....

Hi! wtmblogger.

Money doesn't suffice no matter it is very.

Especially, "Locomotive D311 (made by the Roco company V188) for Dora" is arranged to BD99 by two cars, and a severe state of Caneca now.