Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Force of Valor - 1/72

No news on 1/144 so let's change the subject to 1/72. If you visit my blog regularly, you may know I also collect Dragon Armor (1/72). I used to build 1/72 kits from Hasegawa or Revell but I haven't done any thing since my son was born couple years ago. These pre-built and pre-painted kit from Dragon is a welcome as it's difficult for me to find time to build any more.

These Force of Valor tanks were issued late last year I think was due to the success of Dragon Armor so FOV wanted to share the profit with Dragon. Quality-wise is acceptable. They may not be sculpted or painted as good as Dragon's, but the good thing is you can get something different. For example, the T-72 as shown in the pictures as well as a M4 or a Churchill. I didn't buy them all as I found I have too many Tiger Is or King Tigers from Dragon already. The price of these I think it's around the same or lower than Dragon's so it's great and they are easily accessible too as you can find them in Walmart, Target as well as the local toy shop where I live.

FOV also releases some 1/72 figures but it's not recommended. You can read the review in Plastic Soldier Review.

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