Friday, March 17, 2006

Dragon Cando F-117A

I saw the Doyusha F-117A has started selling in Japan. I'm wondering they may come from the same mold of these F-117A from Dragon Cando series. Does anyone know?

You may also know I add a chatter box to the right on the menu bar. If you just want to give me 1 or 2 sentences of comment, I think it's easier to do it in the chatter box. You can even just try it out and let me know how you feel about this function.

Tomorrow is Saturday. So nice.


bluedonkey99 said...

there is an update.

3x colour options for each of the 2 planes shown so foar + special

bluedonkey99 said...

bluedonkey99 said...

doyusha is the distribution company or brand dragon uses in Japan. There is a similar set up with the tanks.

out of interest there is a good photo off this series in a Yahoo Japan Auction and nice close up of the japanese packs!

it it common palce with lastest series of aircraft to come "Loose" on the box?

The stukas and tanks come in plastic trays in the japanese packiagng, I notice here these F117s are just in bags within the box? Is this a recent trend or just that this model is more robust than some of the previous ones that would have broken if they had rattled around in a box?