Saturday, March 04, 2006

F-Toys Twin Engine Series / Hummvee

My Homepage Updates
I have loaded some pictures to my web recently. The first one is pretty nice, the F-Toys Twin Engine Series. I didn't buy all of them but I like this series very much. Especially the Mosquito shown in the picture and the HS-129 special.

The second series are the Hummvee from Dragon Armor and Cando. Both of them are 1/72. Yes, it's weird as Cando normally represents 1/144. I think both of these were from the same mold. The only difference is the one from Dragon Armor has a die cast body and the Cando one came with an plastic body. Quality-wise, I don't see much differences between these 2.

Where are my Stugs?
You may aware Dragon US has published the Jagdpanzer series to be released in the US in April. I found it's strange if that'd the case. I haven't seen any news in Japan about the release date in Japan. If I recall correctly, it will be the second time Dragon releases the Cando tank series in US earlier than in Japan. The other one is the M1 Abrams (and also some 1/144 jet planes). I also decided not to create too many pages for one single item so updates will be posted in the original post here.

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robert k said...

The F-toys twin engines are good.. I have the Hs-129 and Mosquitos.. the only drawback is the paint to hard to remove... the silver mosquitos have a thin silver paint job so is more easy if you want rebuild... and I like more this version with guns in the nose...
To bad..the hummves are not 1/144.. I was thinking in buy compose a Black hawk down..scenary...or put together with M-1 and M2s..