Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dragon Cando Maus & E-100 - Cyberhobby Specials

I have loaded pictures of these Dragon Cando Maus and E-100 pictures to my web.

These Maus and E-100 are Dragon Cando - Cyberhobby specials. I skipped the regular ones as I decided if I bought, it's already too much compared to the actual numbers of these experimental tanks. As you may know, Panzer Korps has released these items for a long time. There is no question these tanks are from the same mold. Instead of just a tank in a display box, you do get some bonuses from these specials. For example, one Maus is posed as shown in a tank museum. One is displayed in a plain field. One has an additional broken turrent (I think it is posed to be in a picture which the turrnet was captured by Russian),...etc. In addition, you get a numbered card which does give you a better value. If you haven't got one, please consider these as much better alternatives than regular Cando releases.


Anonymous said...

my numbers are asa follows:
maus - "Berlin" - #30
maus - "Kubinka" - "#88
E100 - "Turret" - #63
E100 - "Field" - #56


wtmblogger said...

So far, I think I have one #1 but I forgot which one. I'll show you if I find it.