Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Future Releases

Below is a summary on what will be released in coming months:

Release Date & Title
TBA - Doyusha 1/100 Wing Collection #8 Fw190A-5
TBA - Dragon 1/144 Cando Stug III Series
Aug 2006 - TakaraTomy - Japan Since - DX
8/12/2006 - TakaraTomy - Japan Sinks - Operation D-2
7/24/2006 - TakaraTomy - Japan Sinks - Operation D-1
6/19/2006 - Takara 1/144 Famous Planes of the World Series #3
5/29/2006 - Takara Ships of the World Series #5
5/29/2006 - F-toys 1/144 War Bird
4/26/2006 - Dragon 1/144 Cando Jadgpanzer Series in the US
Apr 2006 - Yujin 1/144 Combat Vehicles
Apr 2006 - Cafereo 1/144 Big Bird VOL.1
Apr 2006 - Tomytec 1/150 Bus Collection #8
4/24/2006 - Konami Discontinued Famous Car Collection - The BEST

Past Releases
4/17/2006 - Takara World Tank Museum #9
4/17/2006 - F-Toys JASDF Collection
Mar 2006 - 1/150 Nippon Express Set
Mar 2006 - Tomytec 1/150 The Railway Collection #2
3/28/2006 - Bandai 1/144 Wing Club Collection L4
3/14/2006 - Doyusha 1/144 Stealth F-117A NIGHT HAWK
3/30/2006 - Tomytec 1/150 The Machinami Collection #5
3/27/2006 - World Wing Museum Zero

Updated : 4/15/2006


bluedonkey99 said...

Has anyone seen these tanks on pre-order anywhere, or had confirmation that these will actually be released..?

HLJ used to be quite good for pre-orders but now I notice more items just "appear" on the list and are registered or pre-order - although to be fair I obviosuly have no indication as to whether this is a HLJ or supplier issue?

bluedonkey99 said...

06/05 - Dragon 1/144 Cando Stug III Series

these have been due for ages!!!!!
do you think they wil actually arrive?

has anyone seen some real photos?

wtmblogger said...

You probably saw it had been postponed from Feb to May. If I recall correctly, I think I saw a picture from JAFCON last year. Need some time to dig it out though. It seems Dragon has slowed down the pace a lot. Not just Cando, but also the 1/72 Dragon Armor line which I also collect. I think Dragon is killed by itself as it keeps producing different variants with the same mold.

robert k said...

One Cando page there are a Series with Hummvees...this one was released? I don´t see any in e-bay...

bluedonkey99 said...