Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tomytec Machinami Collection

Here are another update to my web - the Tomytec (Machinami Residential Buildings) Collection. I only bought series 2 & 3 as I missed the 1st and the 4th series. You can't find them anywhere now.

The second series are the buildings in a rural residentail area. Most are small buildings you can find anywhere in Japan. There are also a small hospital or clinic and small convinience stores around the corner.

The third series are a small street with all kind of shops such as fruit shop or coffee shop. There are a couple shop keepers and the coffee shop is very nice with glass windows and interior decorations.

The fourth series are buildings around the train station but I didn't pay attention last year then I missed that. The fifth version (to the right) is coming up in late March. Stay tuned.


bluedonkey99 said...

I have series 2,3 + 4, series 5 is on order!

I think Series 1 is long gone now, i thnk it may be possible to find on yahoo japan perhap but I do not know what to search for!?

Did you collect any of the Bandai Showa type buildings? - I have series 4 and have just ordered series 3 as they have been rereleased and are available from Aoshima!

wtmblogger said...

No. How do Bandai buildings look compared to these from Tomy? I was d**m busy last year I didn't even check the web regularly so I missed series 4. Do you have any spare for sale?

bluedonkey99 said...

sorry, I dont have any left.

I did buy extra of series 3 & 4 but when I fond out I could seel them on ebay in UK to railway people who dont usually look at gashopon for the equivelant money to 15-20 USD each - they soon got sold!

The bandai houses are different to the tomy one's. the tomy ones are essnetially plastic kits as i am sure your aware. The bandai series 4 appear to be made in a solid peice (therefore pricey to ship) and painted up still nice however.

the series 3 from bandai appears a little different from a picture i have seen.

have a look on the AOSHIMA JP website