Sunday, March 26, 2006

WTM Tiger I with interior details / C3 Special

I flipped thru the Model Graphix April 2006 issue today in a Japanese book shop looking for any 144 news (I didn't buy it so sorry no picture). If you bought one before, you may know there is a page of this magazine dedicated to the 1/144 trading kits every month. (Last month there was a misery Puma.) Anyway, this month shows a Tiger I with interior detail by WTM (similar to the one made by Metal Troops). In the index page, the title said "C3 Special". Any Japanese reader can confirm if this is the C3 ( a model show in Japan and this year will be on AUg 19 & 20 ) special Tiger I. According to my experience, I think Takara/Subarudo probably will issue this special in this C3 show (may be without color) and then it will be included in the next WTM release (WTM10). Interesting. I think the May issue should be out in these few days, hope someone can give us more news.

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