Tuesday, March 28, 2006

F-Toys JASDF Collection

F-Toys has updated its web site with the new JASDF series. Here is the link.


robert k said...

The best of this series are F-2 and T-2...both unreleased ... the special could be the T-2 Blue Impulse..

wtmblogger said...

F-Toys is my favorite but I'm not a big fan of air-planes. I'm still debating with myself on this set as there are too many thing to buy these 2 months.

Anonymous said...

i like f-toys, but their modern planes are not as exciting as the WWII range of products.

I thnk i buy some of the WII even their IL-2 looks better than Bandai


wtmblogger said...

I haven't bought any modern planes except those nice helicopters. Since there are too many things such as WTM09 and the Jagepanzers, I think I better save some money for the WTM or Cando as one carton of each will cost me around $500 already.

It was quite in February and March and suddenly we have too many new releases in one month.

robert k said...

Wow U$500!!
I pretend buy only the select itens in E-bay ...because I have F-4s,F-1 and F-104 kits..

wtmblogger said...

One carton of Cando in the US is $200 and one carton of WTM from Japan is around $200 and then shipment will be around $50-$70 by surface from Japan to US. I normally by one carton to make sure I get what I have and then sell the rest to ebay. I think it's still cheaper than to buy from ebay. Unless like this JASDF series which I may only need 1 or 2 then I will buy from ebay.