Monday, February 27, 2006

Battle of Kawanaka Island

I came across the photo to the left the other day when I was browsing the Wonder Festival pictures. I was so impressed.

If you are a wargamer and also like the samurai era in Japan or if you have watched the movie "Heaven & Earth" (1990) and were impressed by the battle scene in the movie. You should not miss this series - "Battle of Kawanaka Island". The battle was fought between Takeda and Uesugi in 1562.

You can get more pictures and info here. In summary, one out of 10 boxes, you have a chance to get from a General to 9 foot soldiers. The good thing is if you can measure the weight of each box by hand, you probably can guess which one is just a General and which one contains soldiers. So, it won't cause you a fortune to build an army. Although I'm not a wargamer but I found it interesting so I'll give it a try. May be I will buy couple big boxes to build 2 armies.

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