Tuesday, February 28, 2006


If you like F-toys helicopters, this piece from Platz and F-toys may impress you. However, these are model kits, not pre-painted trading kits. You can get the decal as shown in the picture as well as in the Japanese manga I talked the other day. You can also get some etched parts for details. 1470 yen for 2 is not cheap.

Alternatively, if you have some spare money and like sci-fi stuffs, here is a piece from B-Club. A missile attacker in Gundam. Same as other resin kit, it's very pricey. 10290 yen. For a 1/144 kit, I think it's too much.


robert k said...

Yes these blackhawk set is more expensive..but comparing with previous SWeet Sea king(unbuilded and with nice decals.. but with only 1 kit ) maybe this price for 2 kits is not so bad..
B-club kits are expensive.. maybe only for japaneses Fans...

wtmblogger said...

These resin kits from B-club. Because they are limited run, so even sometimes you have the money, you still may not get it. I used to buy some pirate copies when I was living in Hong Kong. (I know it's not correct but that's what only available atthat time when buying on-line was not that popular). The price was about 1/5 of the original and I still have couples in my garage. Indeed, I plan to sell those as I think I won't build them any way.

robert k said...

As I wrote to Bluedonkey..I give up with resin kits... to much money..and after sometime someone release the same item in form of injected kit or trading toys..
This happened with me in case of:
A-1 skyraider,A-4 (triple nuts)
Munition loader of karl moser
F-resin Seaking ,F-8,F-100...
so since I don´t have money enough to buy all trading toys or kits... released..I started take more time and calm...hehe..

wtmblogger said...

Exactly. You had no option but went for resin kits couple years ago. Now, you can get them in injection kit with a price about 1/10. What we need is a little bit patient. I bought a Wirlwind turrent about 2 years ago and it was still sitting there and now you can get it from WTM08. There is a resin Sd Kfz 234 today which looks very nice but I'm still debating may be I should wait as I can get one from the Yujin coming release in 1/150. Same price I can get 5.

bluedonkey99 said...

also now there is even metal items in 1/144

e.g. the puma is available here for a good price


and you can paint it up to look A1


lets hope those yujin kits show !!

wtmblogger said...

BTW, does anyone know where to order those Yujin kits? I can't find it in Hobbylink.

Anonymous said...

the yujin kits from 2005 are here

the new ones are still to be listed :(

wtmblogger said...

That's right. The kits are scheduled to release in April and now is March but still no news on pre-order. Weird.