Tuesday, February 14, 2006

F-toys F-toys F-toys F-toys F-toys

As I mentioned the other day, F-toys is my favorite. Today, there is a rumor in Asia that the above B-24 will be the next 1/144 release from F-toys. From the above picture, it looks very promising. The problem is, although I have already scaled down my collection from 1/72 to 1/144, I think my home will running out of space soon. Here is the link.

The second news from F-toys is another plane releases on JASDF. The line up includes F-2A (Japan's home made F-16 clone but much more powerful), F-4EJ, T-2 & F-104J. Where is the F-15J?

It would be nice if F-toys enters the armor market. There was a HMV in the Helibourne Series #2 which I'm still wondering if F-toys wants to use it to test the market or not. Compared it to the Konami JGSDF #3, I think overall I prefer the Konami HMV but the F-toys one is not bad either. So I think if F-toys can focus on what Dragon or Takara has not touched so far and gives us some nice armors, I'll be among the first to place a pre-order. Keep on dreaming... ...

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starfighters are cool!